32 Blaine Ave

This house is located just 4 houses from the Seaside Heights boardwalk and beach. It consists of a 3 bedroom unit and two 2 bedroom units, one of which is a separate physical structure on the property. The backyard area is a mostly a large cement patio that is accessible to all three units. The property is equipped with:

· A driveway fitting 4-6 cars

· Backyard space

· An outdoor shower

· Laundry facilities (free of charge!)

· Barbeques

· Outdoor seating

32 Blaine Ave
32 Blaine Ave


Unit A – The Hangout

  This unit has lots of space to gather with friends and enjoy company.


Unit B – The Flat

  This two bedroom unit is all on one level, making it super easy to access and convenient for families with small children.


Unit C – The Cottage

  Set to the back of the property, this standalone unit provides a quiet retreat further from the hustle and bustle of the street.

32 Blaine Ave, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751