About Me

We started coming to the jersey shore years ago when our kids were little. We always loved being able to get away, take a break, and enjoy the beautiful weather. Over time, it expanded to inviting friends and extended family to join us and it was a great place to reconnect with each other and have a great time. It was really the one time during the year that we could all disconnect, enjoy good food and good conversation, watch the kids play, and just have a great time!

It was with this in mind that we started http://www.OurJerseyShoreHouse.com. We purchased our first multifamily house in 2014, with the idea that other family and friends would want to have a place to spend time together, enjoy the sun and the ocean, and also have a clean, comfortable space for them and their family. Today we own 3 multifamily houses all on the same block and have hosted large groups consisting of extended families, family friends, etc.

Please feel free to take a look at our properties and find the one that best suits your needs. Don’t be shy about reaching out with any questions you may have on accommodations and availability. We look forward to having you at OurJerseyShoreHouse!