41 Blaine Ave

 This house is located half a block from the Seaside Heights boardwalk and beach. It consists of a 4 bedroom unit and two 2 bedroom units. The two 2 bedroom units are connected on the interior in an “adjoining hotel room” type manner, so they can function as one large 4 bedroom, 2 bath unit.

  The backyard is essentially a large stone patio that is accessible by all units. The property is equipped with:

  · A driveway fitting 4-5 cars

· Backyard space

· An outdoor shower

· Barbeques

· Outdoor seating

42 Blaine Ave
41 Blaine Ave


Unit A – The Loft

  This large 4 bedroom unit is a great space to bring the families together, with lots of room for the kids to sleep and play.


Unit B – The Mainstay Front

  This two bedroom unit is has a cool feel, keeping things comfortable on those hot summer days.


Unit C – The Mainstay Back

  This two bedroom unit is set back off the street, keeping it quieter on those busy Seaside nights.

41 Blaine Ave, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751